Bookish Blog Posts I’ve Enjoyed This Week (June 13-19, 2021)

What’s up, bookworms? Today, I’m sharing a few links to some other blogs I’ve enjoyed reading this week. I got this idea from Nicki of the Secret Library Book Blog. This will become a recurring post that I will share at the end of each week on Saturdays (I hope). Seeing as how the blogging community is so large, I thought this is a good idea to spread some love and engage with other bookworms. What a great way to end the week! Also, I plan on sharing the occasional bookish YouTube video, so watch out for those! I will also try to vary up the blogs, so that you aren’t seeing posts from the same blogs each time. Another good way to support the book blog tribe, right?

Alrighty, now onto my list! I will arrange posts by category and do my best to give a brief overview of each post.

Book Reviews

  • Books Teacup and Reviews – Seige and Storm (The Shadow and Bone Trilogy #2): I just bought the first book of the Shadow and Bone series a few weeks ago and have yet to read it. But I have watched the Netflix show and it surprised me. Normally, I don’t like fantasy entertainment, but I thought the overall plot was intriguing (based on the show). Yesha, the blogger behind Books Teacup and Reviews, shares her thoughts on the second book in the series. Check it out if you are familiar with these books!
  • RovingBookwormNG – Book Review: Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert: This is the third book in a series by Talia Hibbert featuring the Brown sisters. I have not read any of these books but recognized the cover of this one and wandered on over to check out RovingBookwormNG’s post about it. Blogger Biyai says that this book is not as enjoyable as the others in the series, but I still will probably test the waters and read the first one to see if I like Hibbert’s writing. Quick and easy romance novels are a guilty pleasure of mine, and I’m always on the lookout for ones featuring interracial relationships! Check out this blog post if you are interested!

Bookish Lists

  • Alli the Book Giraffe – Popular Authors I Haven’t Tried Yet: Alli shares 10 popular authors that she has her sights on to read from in the future. I clicked on her blog post thinking I might recognize some names but didn’t recognize any! Alli also includes links to books throughout the post making it easy for me to click and see if I find anything of interest. This post gave me some ideas on what books I might want to read later. Check it out if you are looking for something new to read!
  • Bookish Brews – What is Cli-Fi? A List of Diverse Climate Fiction Novels and Short Stories: In this post, blogger Amanda explains what climate fiction is, why it’s important, and lists 16 books from this subgenre that also have diverse characters. Amanda gives her top 8 books and a brief description of each, and then lists 8 additional honorable mentions, and ends the post with a few cli-fi short stories. Check out this post if you’re interested in climate change, fiction, or are interested in finding books with diverse characters.
  • Kristin Kraves Books – My Summer TBR: Blogger and YouTuber Kristin shares 12 books on her summer reading list. I feel like sometimes I read such series novels and summertime is perfect for enjoying some easy, light reads. Some of the books on Kristin’s list are Game of Cones by Abby Collette, The Heart Principle by Helen Hoag, and Redemptor by Jordan Ifueko. Redemptor is the sequel to another book called Raybearer, and the cover reminds me a bit of something I would see for one of Octavia E. Butler’s books. I don’t read much sci-fi/fantasy, but maybe I’ll give Raybearer and Redemptor a try!

Well, that completes my list of enjoyable blog posts for the week, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. As always, I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog posts. I hope you have a wonderful week next week!

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