A Review: “The Sweetest Remedy” by Jane Igharo

This book is what I chose for my September Book of the Month.

Set in Nigeria, the plot takes the reader on a journey to an affluent neighborhood and large family estate of the Jolades. Main character Hannah’s father passes away, and although she did not know him, his will states that he wants her at his funeral. Hannah’s mother encourages her to go, and she finds herself curious as to who this other family is. And what a large family he has! The oldest of the children is Tiwa, the oldest, who immediately dislikes Hannah upon her arrival. Then there are Shola and Dami, the twins who are the second youngest of the family. And Segun, the youngest who is battling with his identity as he tries to hide his Nigerian accent as he pursues a career in the rap industry. Then there is Lawrence who has no relation to the family but was raised by Hannah’s father after his mother passed. Hannah and Lawrence have an immediate attraction for one another, having briefly met at a party in San Francisco before learning of the news that Mr. Jolade had passed.

My Verdict: “The Sweetest Remedy” by Jane Igharo is a Must Read

The book is told in multiple viewpoints, although most of the chapters are told from Hannah’s perspective. It feels very much like a love story filled with family drama. It actually kind of reminded me of the movie “Jumping the Broom” with lead actress Paula Patton, except this was about a funeral instead of a wedding. As I read this book, I felt like the author Jane Igharo and I could be friends! She throws in some references to books and music that I enjoy, which made the story feel more real to me.

Some of the characters did get on my nerves (Tiwa mostly) but I think the added drama helped move the plot along. My only critique is that there could have been more moments concerning who Mr. Jolade was, so Hannah could have a better understanding of him. She gets glimpses of him through stories her half-siblings tell her, but she has no idea who he was.

I really enjoyed Hannah’s character and felt I could relate to her. Her job by trade is working as a writer for an online magazine or publication. She reads some heavy books like “Beloved” by Toni Morrison, and is exceptionally kind. Her love interest Lawrence is such a good guy who always treats her with the utmost respect, so I really enjoyed reading about him and how he falls in love with Hannah. They both have similar backgrounds, having been raised by single mothers.

If you enjoy romances, drama, and light reads, I definitely recommend this book. It’s a fairly short book, around 290 pages, and the chapters are brief. I couldn’t put it down, and I enjoyed it so much, I’m adding Igharo’s other book “Ties That Tether” to my TBR list. Since becoming a Book of the Month member, this one is definitely my favorite so far!

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