My March 2022 Book of the Month Pick

OK, STOP THE PRESSES! Book of the Month has SEVEN books to choose from this March! Normally, Book of the Month (aka BOTM) allows members to choose from five books, but now, the monthly subscription service is offering seven books. I'm so excited to have more book options! I confess that BOTM has become my… Continue reading My March 2022 Book of the Month Pick

My December Book of the Month Pick

Hello, fellow bookworms! I can't believe December is already here! I'm so excited for Christmas and have already done most of my shopping. Last month, I skipped my Book of the Month since I had so many books to read, but now I've gotten somewhat caught up and am ready for more. In this post,… Continue reading My December Book of the Month Pick

Bookish Blog Posts I’ve Enjoyed Lately (End of June, Early July)

Oh goodness. It's my third week doing weekly roundup, and of course, I didn't get around to posting this. I had a busy holiday weekend, and now it's Tuesday, but that's OK. Here are a few blog posts I've enjoyed over the past two weeks. Book Reviews Zezee with Books - The Other Black Girl… Continue reading Bookish Blog Posts I’ve Enjoyed Lately (End of June, Early July)

Books I’m Currently Reading + My TBR List

Over the last few months, I've bought quite a few books mostly with a gift card I've had since Christmas. My family knows they can always get me a Barnes and Noble gift card for any occasion, and I'll be perfectly happy. 😊 Anyway, here is my list of books that I've bought but haven't… Continue reading Books I’m Currently Reading + My TBR List

Latest Books I Did Not Finish I love writing and I love reading, but sometimes, being a reader can be stressful. Sometimes, I get frustrated simply reading. Why? Well, since I have a journalism background and an English literature background, I have a high standard for the books I read. I don't mean that in a proud sort of way.… Continue reading Latest Books I Did Not Finish